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File Search Bar & Library MPX

Embedded File Directory widget for customers to search, view and download files directly within your Shopify online store.

  • PDF catalogs & brochures
  • Product manual
  • PDF form
  • Press kit
  • Product images
  • and more.

Shopify store Use Case

Downloadable File Repository

Share all your downloadable files in a searchable file repository on your Shopify store, so your customers can self service and locate the files they need.

File Directory

Let customers view, search and download the latest files at one directory listing on your Shopify store.

Shopify Size Chart Page

Create a single page on Shopify, and list out all your size chart PDF for various products in our searchable size chart library.

Online File Library

Create a professional online file library and post all your public files on Shopify for easy browsing and online viewing.

Customer Resource Hub

Self-service resource hub for customers to search and download various files, resources, materials like PDF, templates, catalog, excel and more.

Media Hub

Direct all your journalists and PR enquiries to the media hub on your Shopify store; and let the media easily access and download media statement, branding kit etc.

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Easily create a file depository on your Shopify for:

Downloadable Wholesale Product Catalog PDF for Shopify

Streamline your B2B sales with beautiful, downloadable PDF catalogs.

Downloadable B2B Product Brochure PDF for Shopify

Showcase your products with high-quality PDFs, leaving a lasting impression on B2B buyers.

Downloadable Product Fact Sheet

Offer downloadable fact sheets to easily share product information and generate interest online.

Downloadable Product List (PDF or Spreadsheet)

Simplify order fulfillment with downloadable product lists for easy reference and streamlined order processing.

Downloadable Product Instructional Manual

Equip customers with product instructional manual they can download from Shopify site, minimizing the need for customer support.

Downloadable Flyer

Empower customers to share your flyers, extending your promotional reach.

Public demo files / video for download

Let potential customers experience your product firsthand with downloadable demos directly within your Shopify website.

Downloadable Spreadsheets

Empower data analysis with downloadable spreadsheets on your Shopify store for easy data manipulation and insightful calculations.

Driver files

Let your Shopify customers download the latest hardware drivers to keep everything functioning optimally.

Get the specific drivers you need to prevent compatibility issues and ensure seamless performance.

Downloadable Recipes PDF

Build trust and add value with a free downloadable recipe PDF within your Shopify store.

Downloadable Press Kit

Make it easy for journalists and influencers to learn about your brand and share your story with a wider audience.

Downloadable Media Kit / Media Release PDF

Generate immediate buzz for your Shopify store. Publish and distribute your media release in a downloadable PDF format for fast and widespread dissemination of your news.

Downloadable High-Res Product Photo

Showcase your products in detail with downloadable high-res photos, boosting conversion rates on your Shopify online stores.

Downloadable branding kit

Provide a complete set of design elements like logos, fonts, and colors in a downloadable kit, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.

Downloadable brand asset for journalists

Save journalists time by providing readily available brand assets, allowing them to focus on crafting compelling stories about your Shopify brand.

Printables PDF

Provide users with printable PDF to help them stay organized and achieve their goals.

Downloadable templates for customers

Pre-designed templates to help customers get started on projects quickly and easily, saving them time and effort.

PDF forms for download

Streamline your Shopify process by offering downloadable PDF forms that customers or users can fill out and submit electronically or in print.

Downloadable Lesson plans PDF

Provide downloadable lesson plans in PDF format that your customers can adapt and personalize to fit their specific education needs.

PDF Publications

Use PDF to expand your reach. Make valuable content readily available in your Shopify store, attracting a wider audience and establishing expertise.

Try File Search Bar & Library MPX on Shopify App Store now.